How To Tamp Coffee for Making Espresso?

When tamping coffee powder, the most ideal situation is that the coffee powder is evenly distributed before tamping, and then tamped. The surface of the coffee powder is flat and the density is uniform, so that the water for extracting coffee can pass through uniformly. Extract the aromatic components in coffee powder.

The coffee powder is too loosely tamped. After the extraction, your pressed powder must have a small hole with a perforation. If the tamping is too tight, the pressed powder will also perforate in the part that contacts the wall of the powder bowl. The study found that, regardless of whether the tamping is too loose or too tight, under the pressure of 9 bar, the water will always find a route that is easy to flow out. If it is too loose, the hot water under pressure will break the coffee cake to varying degrees, leaving one or several small pits in the coffee cake. The water will all flow out of these small pits. There is no doubt that this place has become a rapid flow of water. The route taken led to uneven extraction in this area. Of course, the aroma of coffee could not be discussed.

If the coffee powder is tamped very tightly, under the pressure of 9bar, the coffee powder ca n’t be penetrated by water. I dare not imagine the taste of this cup and the time it takes after condensing 30 ml. Coffee is a failure.

So how to tamp coffee powder?

In the process of tamping coffee powder, after the coffee powder is evenly clothed, the tamping action is performed immediately. Generally, there is an action of leveling with a light force. After this action, it is really a tamping action. At the end of the light pressure, some people will have a knock on the handle to let the powder attached to the wall of the powder bowl fall Into the powder bowl. Then put the coffee tamper horizontally in the powder bowl and turn it 3 times clockwise, then turn it counterclockwise 1 time, lift the tamper so that our coffee powder is pressed.

As mentioned above, the rotation of the tamped powder makes the surface of the coffee cake smooth. Beginners often cannot grasp the strength but the pressure of the coffee cake is uneven. Try to adopt this approach.

[Tamping] is divided into light tamping and heavy tamping. Its main purpose is to make the compact pressed powder complete evenly stressed!

① Light tamping is carried out using the weight of the coffee tamper itself.

② Re-consolidation refers to the use of artificial external force.

Due to the factors of too much artificial force, the packing is one of the biggest variables in the entire ESPRESSO extraction process, so experienced baristas choose the light tamping method to ensure the consistency of the production.

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