How to make Turkish coffee.

First of all, to make Turkish coffee you need to grind coffee powder. Before you make it, you need to grind the coffee beans very finely, like talcum powder. Our iTOP 018, iTOP 019, iTOP 500N coffee grinders can meet your needs.

Add 50ml of water to the coffee pot, put the coffee pot on the stove, when the water boils, turn off the stove and put in 8g coffee powder, and then stir evenly.

Now put the coffee pot back on the stove and watch it closely. The coffee and water in the pot will rise slowly. When you are about to reach the top of the coffee pot, quickly turn off the stove and let it fall back down. You should also use this time to scrape off larger bubbles on the surface with a small spoon. Then put the coffee pot back on the stove again, and repeat this 2 times.

After boiling three times, get ready for the next step. Turn off the heat first, let it settle for 30 seconds, scrape off some foam on the top with a small spoon, then pour the brewed coffee into the coffee cup, and let it settle for a while.

Your Turkish coffee is complete.


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