How to choose a coffee machine when opening a cafe?

How to buy a coffee machine for a cafe? I think this is something that everyone who opens a cafe thinks about. In fact, there are some skills in the purchase of coffee machines.

Coffee machine purchase: semi-automatic coffee machine vs automatic coffee machine

Semi-automatic coffee machines are generally divided into electric control and manual control types. The difference is that the electronically controlled coffee machine can preset the flow rate to achieve the automatic stop function, while the manual control coffee machine starts / stops the extraction process manually.

The fully automatic coffee machine combines the grinding + extraction system, without additional configuration of the grinder, as long as the parameters are set in advance, a key can make a cup of delicious coffee. The price of the fully automatic coffee machine is higher than that of the semi-automatic coffee machine. Of course, from the perspective of labor cost investment, the automatic coffee machine does not require a professional barista to operate. Convenient and fully automatic As all its parameters have been preset, it is not as flexible as a semi-automatic coffee machine.

Coffee machine purchase: boiler

The first guarantee of a good coffee machine is the stability of the boiler. No one wants their coffee machine to go wrong in three days. Therefore, boiler stability and size are critical. So at this point, to choose a large boiler coffee machine, including its welding process will affect the coffee machine boiler.

From the perspective of boiler materials, copper boilers have stronger thermal conductivity than stainless steel boilers. In the child-mother boiler, the high temperature of the steam boiler (large boiler) can be quickly transferred to the extraction boiler (small boiler), which guarantees The amount of the coffee machine's continuous cup. Moreover, due to the different welding processes of copper boilers and stainless steel boilers, copper boilers are still used in large coffee machine factories.The boiler capacity of the professional double-head semi-automatic coffee machine on the market is generally 11L. The large-capacity boiler allows the coffee machine to store more sufficient energy (hot water and steam).

Coffee machine purchase: boiler system

The boiler systems on the market are generally divided into: single boiler / dual boiler / multi-boiler system.The single boiler system can only process extraction or froth milk foam in a single thread.Double boilers can simultaneously extract and foam milk.The multi-boiler system can make the temperature of the whole coffee machine more stable when frothing milk or extracting.Of course, the more boilers, the higher the price, the more common on the market is the mother and child boiler coffee machine, and the single boiler coffee machine is generally common in home coffee machines.

iTOP 11-2H Commercial Double Groud Head Coffee Machine

iTOP 11-2H uses a copper boiler system, steam and coffee brewing is separate. Copper boiler with 2 built-in coffee brewing boilers, 11L large boiler, can be well used in cafes.

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